Senior Edition

Background Information

Welcome to the Greener Futures Program. This resource will help you bring concepts of efficiency and environmental protection to the entrepreneurs you work with, regardless of their business idea. These tools will help any business - from sales to service, from consulting to construction - look beyond immediate planning to long term business and environmental sustainability.

The pillars of the Greener Futures Program are efficiency, innovation and sustainability. Entrepreneurs using these tools will be challenged to reduce their costs through reductions of waste and inefficiencies, develop stronger customer relations through providing innovative responses to consumer needs and develop a greener business sense ensuring their business stays ahead of regulatory and consumer pressures for higher social and environmental responsibility.

The following materials will challenge you and your participating entrepreneurs to develop a new business philosophy. It will be up to you to make this philosophy work for you and your business to help make a Greener Future. Following you will find an overview of each of the four Units, and some guidance for using the additional interactive materials.


Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency Government of Canada - Department of Innovation, Trade and Rural Development Friends of the Environment Foundation Rotary Club of St. John's Northwest Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro