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Now Accepting Green Team Project Proposal Applications:

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Green Team - Community Partner Recruitment 

The deadline for 2017 Green Team project proposals has passed. Applications are currently under review.

For further information, please contact Megan Stuckless, Programs Manager, by phone at (709) 729-7279 or email

Green Team Program Highlights

Since 1993, the Conservation Corps Newfoundland and Labrador's Green Team Program has provided financial support and guidance to community based projects that have involved the enhancement, restoration, and sustainable development of our natural and cultural resources. 

The Green Team Program is the flagship program of the Conservation Corps, and provides the organization's main work force. It supports the efforts of communities, organizations, businesses, corporate patrons, governments and individuals to improve the natural and cultural environment of our province. It also provides meaningful training and work experience to young people.

What Does the Green Team Program Offer Youth?

The Green Team Program offers training and employment opportunities to youth in the environmental and cultural fields, while providing services to communities in Newfoundland and Labrador. Participants can expect a challenging and exciting work placement supported by one of our many community partners. Participants can also expect to receive training and experience in some or all of the following areas through training sessions and/or during their work placements: career planning, communication skills development, conflict resolution, project management, environmental and/or cultural awareness, facilitation skills, first aid training, teamwork skills, leadership skills, media relations training, problem solving, occupational health and safety training and time management skills.


1) To provide youth in Newfoundland and Labrador with environmental and cultural-heritage related jobs 
2) To assist community-based organizations, municipalities and corporations with their conservation activities.

How It Works

Each Green Team employs youth (ages 16-30) who work closely with the Corps' senior staff as well as the corporate and community partners involved in individual community projects. Collaboration and communication ensure that each project's overall design and implementation meets the needs and standards of all partners. Green Team size and duration of employment varies but most Green Teams consist of four youth - 1 Team Leader and 3 Team Members working during the summer season for 8 weeks.
Each Green Team project must focus on environmental or cultural heritage conservation goals. Projects must also provide a direct or indirect benefit to the communities in which they take place, be completed using the resources at hand, and provide meaningful work and learning experiences to all Team Members and Leaders. 

Green Team projects are proposed to the Conservation Corps through communities, organizations, municipalities and corporations. Project selection is a competitive process and all proposed activities are evaluated for how well they meet the program's selection criteria. Attempts are made to share Green Team resources equally in all regions of the province. Between 20 and 30 projects are selected and completed each year. 

The Corps assigns considerable responsibility to the young people on each Green Team in order to build participants' motivation and self-reliance. The Team Leader and his/her Regional Supervisor oversee the day-to-day work activities of the Team. 

Every year, Green Team projects, Regional Supervisors, Team Leaders and Team Members are selected anew. The staff recruitment process begins with the Regional Supervisor positions, which are advertised province-wide each February. In April, Team Leader and Member positions are advertised locally at employment centres and at other strategic community locations. Applications for employment and for projects (community and corporate) are available throughout the year at the Corps office or on our web site.