Well Aware Activities 2005

Conservation Corps of Newfoundland and Labrador

Be Well Aware

It is the well owner's responsibility to keep their well and groundwater safe. Knowledge of proper well construction and maintenance and factors that contribute to water quality are keys to being Well Aware. 29% of Newfoundland and Labrador's population depend on groundwater sources, and an estimated 40,000 privately owned wells currently supply water to families across this province. It takes work to maintain a constant and safe supply of water. This website will give well owners the tools to ...

Conserve.          Keep Safe.          Enjoy Your Water.

The Well Aware Program is an initiative of the Conservation Corps Newfoundland and Labrador to provide well owners with the information to protect themselves and their families. We would like to thank the following partners for their contributions to the project:

A project of CONSERVATION CORPS Newfoundland and Labrador.