Colby Sharpe (left) and Autumn Lambert (right) on the Crockers Cove Cart Path

The Forgotten Paths of Carbonear

This summer the Carbonear Green Team, Autumn Lambert and Colby Sharpe, are identifying and mapping historically significant cart paths in the community. Before cars became our main mode of transport, these paths and trails were an important way for residents to travel. Autumn and Colby have identified six paths, including the Railway cart path and […]


Beekeeping with Brother Rice Junior High

The Brother Rice Junior High Food Security Project is funded by Conservation Corp NL’s Youth Engagement Funding Initiative (YEFI)  Happy Pollinator Week! We’re taking a look at the Brother Rice Junior High beehive! Brother Rice Junior High (BRJH) began their Food Security Project in 2016. Since then, they have worked on developing of green space […]

Photograph of Horticulturalist Todd Boland.

Pollinator Week: Q & A with Horticulturalist Todd Boland

Pollinator week is here! From June 22-28, we’re learning all about the pollinator animals and insects that are vital to our ecosystems. We invited Todd Boland, the Head Horticulturalist at the Memorial University (MUN) Botanical Garden, to share some information about pollinators and pollinator plants. Todd earned his MSc in Plant Ecology and researched orchid […]