Clean Foundation Interns Support NL’s Environmental Sector

CCNL’s Clean Foundation Interns are wrapping up their time with us and we are so excited to share their achievements!

As part of CCNL’s Internship Program, these interns honed their professional skills while working on environmental conservation projects in Newfoundland and Labrador. These internships were made possible by The Clean Leadership Professional Internship Program, our community partners and Conservation Corps NL.

Meet our 2020 Clean Interns and learn more about the work they accomplished:

Jonathan Rowe

CCNL’s Clean Foundation Interns are wrapping up their time with us and we are so excited to share their achievements! Jonathan interned with the Town of Sunnyside working on sustainable water quality improvements, asset management, and developing a climate resilience plan. Some of Jonathan’s work involved taking samples and analyzing data for the the Sunnyside water supply, as shown here.

Robyn Knight

Meet Robyn, a CCNL intern at CPAWS-NL. For the past six months, Robyn worked on a number of programs that include community engagement, research, and outreach for CPAWS-NL.  In this photo, Robyn is helping release stranded petrels in Conception Bay. During the fall fledging season, some juvenile petrels are attracted to artificial lighting on land and become stranded. CPAWS NL and the community work together to release them back to the sea and mitigate light pollution along the coasts. Robyn has also been busy working with local harbors to help combat marine debris and barriers, as well as other exciting marine initiatives.

Chelsea Hounsell

CCNL intern Chelsea spent the past six months working with the College of the North Atlantic on the Burin Peninsula. Chelsea dove into the social enterprise side of the environmental sector. She researched future possibilities for CNA’s Wave Environment Research Centre (WERC), including using the Centre as a site to store live catch like lobster. Chelsea researched how the fishing community could work in partnership on transforming the WERC site, environmental regulations, and the financial feasibility of the enterprise.

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