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EcoVision is CCNL's new environmental TV show! It features short profiles of all things green in NL, from electric vehicles to hydroponic gardening. EcoVision celebrates eco-friendly initiatives and aims to inspire others to join in and be a part of the change.

New Episode: CCNL's 25th Anniversary
Episode 1: Waste Management
Episode 2: Green Technology
Episode 3: Gardening Initiatives
Episode 4: Ocean Protection
Episode 5: Food Sustainbility
Episode 6: Climate Change


The creators of the series


Stephanie Tucker is the Communications and Marketing Coordinator for CCNL. Tucker, who filmed, edited, and also appears as the host in the show, states: “I love sharing positive, encouraging stories and EcoVision was an incredible opportunity to do that. From the students who gave us water saving tips to the experts who shared new ways to grow local, I was inspired by all the fresh ways Newfoundlanders and Labradorians are making a difference and I hope the viewers of the show will be too.”


Graham Godden worked as the Communications Assistant for Conservation Corps Newfoundland and Labrador in summer 2016. As a graduate of Memorial University's Diploma in Performance and Communications Media, Godden is highly skilled in a variety of areas of videography. His primary role in the creation of EcoVision was filming and editing. While shaping EcoVision, Godden aimed to create a fusion of modern editing techniques and traditional television editing.


Like what you saw? There are a variety of sponsorship opportunities available for businesses and organizations looking to support EcoVision, as well as many of CCNL's other programs.