Get Inspired: Youth Engagement Funding Initiative 2021

A man stands to the left of a vertical garden.

The Youth Engagement Funding Initiative (YEFI) supports youth-based projects relating to climate change.  Providing up to $1,000 in support to youth of Newfoundland and Labrador, monies may be used to enhance existing initiatives, or may be applied to the development of a new project.

We’re highlighting YEFI projects from 2021-2022.

Beachy Cove Elementary: Wellness Wall

Beachy Cove Elementary School constructed a “Wellness Wall” in the school’s cafeteria.  The “Wellness Wall” consisted of a vertical garden and grow lights. The creation of a green space within the school would serve learners ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 4. Students studied plant impacts on the environment by measuring soil moisture, temperature, and humidity. Younger students learned how to care for the plants. The entire school enjoyed the emotional benefits of this natural space.

Brother Rice Junior High: Celtic Commons Garden

Brother Rice Junior High continued a multi-year food security project that includes hydroponic gardening, vermicomposting, a beehive at the Memorial University Botanical Garden, and the development of an orchard and berry patch. In 2020-2021, Brother Rice Junior High students in the LEARN program (Literacy Enrichment and Academic Readiness for Newcomers) teamed up with other students to develop the Celtic Commons area behind the school by planting fruit trees and berries. Students also continued to vermicompost and hydroponic garden in their classroom.

Corner Brook Regional High School: Apple Tree Project

The Corner Brook Regional High School Student Council, with assistance from faculty and staff, planted six apple trees in front of the school. The school invested in fertilizer and tools so that students can continue to learn how to care for these trees and enjoy the fruits of their labor!

Corner Brook Youth Advisory Committee: Growing Together

The Corner Brook Youth Advisory Committee distributed Garden Starter Kits to 100 youth and their families. Each kit included soil, fertilizer, seeds and containers. The Western Environment Centre created the “How to Container Garden” video to help families learn how to successfully start growing!

Gros Morne Youth Ambassadors: Coastal Erosion Monitoring Programme

The Gros Morne Youth Ambassadors monitored coastal erosion at four sites in Gros Morne National Park. Through this project, the Youth Ambassadors learned about how climate change is affecting their local environment through sea level changes.

Holy Heart of Mary High School: Indoor Hydroponic Garden

The LEARN (Literacy Enrichment and Academic Readiness for Newcomers) class at Holy Heart of Mary High School constructed and cared for a hydroponic garden for their classroom.

McDonald Drive Junior High: Student Garden Project

The LEARN (Literacy Enrichment and Academic Readiness for Newcomers) students at McDonald Drive Junior High revitalized their school’s community garden. Students constructed garden beds, added rain barrels to the garden, and planted vegetables and herbs.

Mushuau Innu Natuashish School: Elders Benches and Memorial Garden

The Mushuau Innu Natuashish School is creating a Memorial Garden with Elders Benches on the school grounds in the vicinity of the community playground. The Memorial Garden will record a semi-mature tree (native to the area), garden and benches in memory of people who have died in the community.

The Fluvarium: The Outdoor Climate Classroom

The Fluvarium worked with a team of design consultants to create the “Power Tower,” an outdoor classroom prototype that includes renewable energy power sources (i.e. solar panels, wind turbine, and a rainwater capture system), as well as a weather station for monitoring trends in local weather patterns. The Fluvarium used the Power Tower in presentations for Villanova Junior High and St. Francis School students. This hands-on learning experience helped students engage with renewable energy and formulate their own climate action plans.

Learn more about the Youth Engagement Funding Initiative (YEFI) and how to apply for funding here.

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