Go Green This Halloween

pumpkin among vines
Photo credit: Shaun Fisher

5 ways to celebrate Halloween with the Earth in mind

Have you ever thought about trying to make your Halloween traditions more sustainable? Make this year’s Halloween greener by reusing what you already own and reducing your waste. Check out these tips to go green this Halloween:

  1. Make your own costume
    Creating your own costume not only reduces your consumption, it can also be fun! Scour your closet (and your imagination!) for a one-of-a-kind costume. A ghost made out of an old sheet is a classic, but have you thought about making a wizard costume out of a bathrobe and construction paper hat? Or a witch costume with a broom and crazy socks?
  1. Carve a local vegetable
    That’s right, you don’t necessarily have to carve a pumpkin! Did you know that people in Ireland and Newfoundland and Labrador used to carve turnips? That’s because pumpkins are native to North America, and many settlers carried over the Celtic tradition of carving turnips. If you are set on carving a pumpkin Jack O’ Lantern, visit a local pumpkin patch!
  1. Make a Scarecrow with fallen leaves
    If you don’t have a bale of hay, you can rake up the leaves in your yard and use them as stuffing for a Scarecrow. 
  1. Decorate your Trick or Tick bag
    Decorate a pillowcase or reusable bag to create your own Trick or Treat bag!
  1. Compost your pumpkin
    After Halloween is over, you can compost your Jack O’ Lantern by adding it to your own compost bin. If you live in St. John’s, you can also put your pumpkin in a paper bag and leave it out with your trash.

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