Green Team Spotlight: Town of Pasadena Green Team


Green Team members Meghan Salter and Nathan Carter are worked with the Town of Pasadena this summer to revitalize Pasadena Beach and maintain the town’s trails and shorelines.

Meet Nathan

My name is Nathan Carter. I’m a Team Member on the Pasadena Green Team working with the Conversation Corps NL (CCNL). This is my second summer in the Green Team Program, and it’s safe to say that the contrast between each experience has been extreme.

What has your experience with the Green Team Program been like?

My work experience with the Pasadena Green Team has helped ease these stressful times. The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically altered many of my personal experiences within the past few months. Having had my last year of high school cut short and preparing to enter university online, stress levels have been very high. The Green Team Program has provided me with genuine meaningful work that allows me to contribute to my community in a positive way, as well as granting me new friendships and help to further advance my work experience in my youth.

The summer of 2019 was my first summer on the Green Team and it was also an excellent experience on its own. This first opportunity allowed me to obtain a sense of community that I had never achieved in any other job. I learned a tremendous amounts of engagement and involvement skills in this first summer with the Green Team, trying my hardest to keep improving and learning as I went. I made wonderful connections and friends and was grateful for the level of guidance and involvement put forth by the wonderful staff surrounding me.

The first summer acted as a sort of rough draft for me. While I had a wonderful experience and worked to the best of my ability, I believe my capabilities were still relatively unpolished. Given my young age and lack of experience working within the community, I found myself juggling many different aspects of the job at once, eager to always learn. The knowledge I acquired from my first summer really came into fruition when this summer rolled around. Due to the pandemic, our team consists of two people this year rather than the four person crew I worked with in 2019.

At first I was slightly concerned about a more one-on-one experience in the workplace as I had never been put into that situation before. However, it has proved to be one of the best working experiences I have had. The one-on-one atmosphere allows us to effectively communicate and complete tasks in a very efficient manner. This working experience has allowed me to view this pandemic in a more optimistic light. Instead of thinking about how my senior year was halted when I reflect on this strange time, I will choose to think about this wonderful working experience.

Meet Meghan:

My name is Meghan Salter, and I am a current graduate of the Fish and Wildlife Technician Program at Fleming College. Like Nathan, the end of my school year was completely turned upside down. I completed my program online, watched my graduation through a TV screen, and saw all my summer prospects put on halt. My summer seemed to both simultaneously close down and open up in a blink of an eye. So through the chaos of the pandemic I made the decision to drive home to Newfoundland help take care of my Nan. My love for the natural environment led me to where I am today as the Team leader of Pasadena Green Team.

What has your experience with the Green Team Program been like?

This is my first year working for Conservation Corps NL, and through new eyes I can honestly say it is very motivating knowing how much CCNL cares about their employees and the projects Green Teams across the province are doing. CCNLs efforts to help youth in Newfoundland and Labrador gain meaningful experience and become leaders in their community are prevalent in the way they support team members. When I became the leader of the Pasadena Green Team I was entering completely new grounds. My past positions always involved being a team member and to be honest that is where I thought I worked best– as a positive team player ready to be led. But saying all this, the Conservation Corps saw my potential as the right person for the position, seeing something I hadn’t yet seen in myself.

We have just reached the five week mark this summer working for the Pasadena Green Team and the volume of love this town has for its beaches and green spaces is contagious. The community of Pasadena takes pride in the natural environment surrounding their homes, and the gratitude expressed when they see the youth of the Green Team cleaning these spaces is almost overwhelming in the most positive way. Not being local to the Pasadena area I was a little nervous when working in this community, but continuing to keep these green areas safe and clean for the community to embrace the local beauty this area has to offer has made me feel like part of the community as my love for the area of Pasadena grows.

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