Green Team Spotlight: Trail Tours with the North West River Green Team

The North West River Green Team spent the summer caring for the parks, trails and beaches of North West River. McKenzie Hutchings (Team Leader) and Willa Neilsen (Team Member) installed boardwalks on the Tranquility Trail, revitalized the Jenny Redford Park and maintained the North West River Beach. Read about what McKenzie and Willa learned by caring for their town’s natural resources and check out their video tour of the Tranquility Trail and Lookout Trail.

McKenzie and Willa maintained a number of outdoor recreation spaces in North West River, including the North West River Beach, parks and trails. It was a fitting summer for these projects as many residents were utilizing the outdoor spaces in the area due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As people found themselves canceling vacations, or working from home, enjoying trails and beaches close by became a popular way to get out, exercise, or enjoy a change of scenery.

McKenzie, who is studying Geography and Sociology at Memorial University (MUN), found the work personally rewarding. “We both are really outdoorsy and outdoor-recreation kind of people, so we’re able give back to the services that we use, like the beach, the trail system, the parks” McKenzie said.

“And the feedback from the town, too. We’ve had so many people come up to us and tell us what a great job we’re doing and what a difference we’re making. That really makes it a satisfying job,” Willa added. Willa is majoring in Marine Biology, also at MUN.

In the following video, Willa and McKenzie tour the Tranquility and Look Out Trails.

The North West River Beach Improvements Project was completed in partnership with the Town of North West River and with the support of Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro.

Learn more about the Green Team Program here.

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