Intern Spotlight: A Summer as CCNL’s Communications Assistant

A woman sits on the grass in front of a tree holding the conservation corps sign

Alexandra Rumbolt is the 2021 Conservation Corps NL Communications Assistant. Alex earned a Bachelor of Commerce from Memorial University and will be attending Uppsala University Campus Gotland, Sweden to complete a Master’s in Programme in Sustainable Management in 2021.

This summer I’ve been having lots of fun working as the Communications Assistant Intern with Conservation Corps NL (CCNL). I was first introduced to the organization back in 2013 when I was fresh out of high school and spent the summer working as a Green Team member at the St. Anthony & Area Boys and Girls Club (an organization that is still hosting Green Teams during the summer). It was there that I first became aware of climate change and the importance of conservation. It’s also where my own journey with sustainability began.

Since graduating from my Bachelor’s of Commerce in 2019, I have been exploring my passion for the environment and conservation. I participated in an internship in Vietnam where I worked with local high school students to develop small business ideas educated students on environmental issues and sustainable solutions. I have worked at The Bee’s Knees, an eco store in St. John’s, NL that is committed educating others about environmental issues and small scale solutions. Through all of this, I have decided that I want to build a career for myself in the sustainability field. Starting in September, I will be pursuing a Master’s degree in Sustainable Management in Sweden. I knew that CCNL would be the perfect fit for me to gain valuable experience in the field, allowing me to be more prepared for my studies and future career opportunities.

I was excited to combine my business background and personal passion, and jumped at the opportunity to work with the organization again. As part of my role of Communications Assistant, I was responsible for a wide variety of tasks and projects. I’ve been assisting with everything related to communications, with a focus on social media. I’ve been visiting Green Teams and Interns in the area, collecting and organizing photos and video footage. I used this content to create and schedule social media posts and write blog posts. I also had the opportunity to use my creativity as the person behind the CCNL Tik Tok account, showcasing all of Polly the Polar Bear’s adventures.

During the past two months interning with CCNL, I’ve learned so much and developed many skills. I’ve had the opportunity to meet and network with people in non-profit and sustainability sectors. Because of this I’ve gained insight into how a non-profit organization operates, as well as some of the many different career opportunities that exist within the field of sustainability and conservation. As a large aspect of my job involved taking photos, I had the opportunity to hone my photography skills through online photography courses – a form of education that I otherwise would not have obtained. I also enhanced my knowledge surrounding social media as a tool for organizations. Through this internship, I learned the importance of inclusivity on social media and how to be more inclusive across different platforms.

My favourite part of the internship has been hearing from the many people with CCNL’s different programs, including Green Team members, interns, community partners, and CCNL staff, who are so passionate about what they are doing. Conservation is so crucial, and working to build a sustainable future becomes more important every day. It’s so inspiring and hopeful to see so many people, especially young people, working together and coming up with unique solutions to climate change and other environmental issues.

Overall, I had such a positive experience as Communications Assistant, and am sad to be finishing up. But I know the knowledge I’ve gained will be so beneficial in my future endeavors.

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