Internship Spotlight: Emma Troake with the Climate Collective

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Emma Troake was the Climate Collective Intern, a position made possible by Conservation Corps NL’s Internship Program, throughout the summer of 2021. Climate Collective is a new project at Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN), run through the Johnson Geo Centre and MUN Botanical Garden with the goal of connecting youth with climate innovation.

Emma is a third-year student at Memorial University, currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in primary/elementary education. She is interested in fostering youth engagement in climate education and action. 

What did you learn from your internship experience?

The role of this placement was very unique and provided me with an excellent learning and leadership opportunity. I further developed my planning and coordinating skills extensively. I learned a great deal about content creation and marketing via social media. My verbal and written communication skills improved with through presentations, media outreach, and online advertisement. I also learned how to adapt to virtual platforms, primarily Zoom, and how to keep people engaged in an online environment. 

Screenshot of a Zoom meeting where participants have their cameras on.
Screenshot of a session from this summer’s Youth Climate Action Summit. July 2021.

What was most interesting to you?

There were lots of exciting features of the internship. One of the biggest highlights of the placement was the Youth Virtual Climate Summit. We planned for this event over the twelve weeks of my internship, and it was awesome to see it all come together. We had a variety of speakers presenting on a wide range of topics pertaining to climate change. It was really interesting to hear their presentations and help run the sessions. I personally led a climate action planning session at the end of our summit, which was a unique leadership opportunity for me. I had the chance to hear great ideas for climate action projects from youth in our province. 

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Posted by Climate Collective on Wednesday, September 22, 2021

What part of this experience will help with your future career or school plans?

The planning aspect of this internship will help me the most with future career and school plans. I gained a lot of experience with event planning, as well as scheduling, media outreach, and networking. The communication this position required has also improved my skills and will aid me in the future. This internship was my first real opportunity in a leadership role on a project of this scale. 

A digital slide of brainstormed ideas. Text reads: "Brainstorming. What can be improved in your school or community to have a positive impact on the environment or climate? List any you can think of below!" Text of ideas: "Recycling, composting, ect. Making resources more accessible for the general public, ex. more media attention to local initiatives. Lightbulbs. Food waste and litter. Educating people on unsustainable practices. Activities integrated into class time to educate people. Compost. Lack of education on environmental impact (sustainability class?). Demonstrations on how to upcycle materials that are normally thrown away at school/home. Partnering with local farms for food."
A Jamboard created by participants in session of the Climate Collective’s Youth Climate Action Summit. July 2021.

What would you tell someone else about the Conservation Corps NL’s Internship Program?

The internship program is an excellent opportunity for those who enjoy working in leadership roles and are interested in conservation and sustainability. Conservation Corps NL offers a unique, enriching placement that provides interns with valuable learning experiences that will build both their employability skills and their confidence. 

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